Module Printer.Fcalendar

module Fcalendar: S  with type t = Fcalendar.t
Fcalendar printer. Seconds are rounded to integers before pretty printing. Default format is %i %T.
Since 2.0

type t 
Generic type of a printer.
val fprint : string -> Format.formatter -> t -> unit
fprint format formatter x outputs x on formatter according to the specified format.
Raises Invalid_argument if the format is incorrect.
val print : string -> t -> unit
print format is equivalent to fprint format Format.std_formatter
val dprint : t -> unit
Same as print d where d is the default format (see the printer implementations).
val sprint : string -> t -> string
sprint format date converts date to a string according to format.
val to_string : t -> string
Same as sprint d where d is the default format (see the printer implementations).

Parsers from string

val from_fstring : string -> string -> t
from_fstring format s converts s to a date according to format.

Date padding (i.e. a special directive following '%') and specifiers %e, %k and %l are not recognized. Specifiers %a, %A, %j, %v, %w and %W are recognized but mainly ignored: only the validity of the format is checked.

In order to recognize words (used by %a, %A, %b, %B and %p), a regular expression is used which can be configured by Printer.set_word_regexp. When the format has only two digits for the year number, 1900 are added to this number (see examples).
Raises Invalid_argument if either the format is incorrect or the string does not match the format or the event cannot be created (e.g. if you do not specify a year for a date).

val from_string : string -> t
Same as from_fstring d where d is the default format.